The RAMGuard protects pallet rack storage systems guarding against forklift impacts. The dense rubber, steel-reinforced column guard offers superior protection to plastic rack guards and is easier to install than steel guarding products requiring concrete anchors. Tests have shown the RAMGuard withstands repeated impacts without needing to be replaced. Plastic protectors generally offer less impact resistance and will need to be replaced frequently. Aftermarket steel rack guards must be bolted on or anchored to the concrete which can be costly.

Dimensions and Fit

Size 12" high
5.5" wide
Weight 9 lbs
Fits Columns 3" wide and up to 3" deep
Testing Test Setup to meet European FEM 10.2.02 Standard
Fits all 3" wide face columns
RAMGuard Dimensions
RAMGuard with one strap
RAMGuard with three straps
RAMGuard with two straps


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