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Tech Molded Plastics, Inc. "gives a soft stop to anything that may come in contact with the RAMGuards."

Tech Molded PlasticsI just want to follow up and let you know how the RamGuards are performing.

As you have seen, we did spend a lot of money to have our racking powder coated and we did not want them to look beat up after they were installed.

We put the RAMGuards on all the legs of the racking and found them to work very effectively. They do not allow boxes, skids, pallets or oven the fork trucks to come in contact with the racking legs.

This prevents several things, damage to the racks, damage to the fork trucks and gives a soft stop to anything that may come in contact with the RAMGuards.

As you know from being in your industry, even the slightest bump to a rack leg can be devastating if it were to buckle the leg. The RAMGuards give us that added cushion if a truck should come in contact with it. I am sure they will save us from a collapse from the everyday bumps and bangs of warehouse activity.

- Doug Hanaway | VP


Tech Molded Plastics  Tech Molded Plastics

Fun Beverage Inc. "now we literally bounce right off the upright with no damage to the racking."

Fun Beverage Inc.My facility recently installed 152 RAMGuards on every racking upright in the warehouse. 

Utilizing the Crown reach truck I was having issues with the extended foot running into the uprights and though it was not significant damage, over time the continued impact was degrading the upright to the point  it was outside of manufactured engineered tolerance this placed our facility in jeopardy of OSHA citations for exposing employees to unsafe working conditions in and around struck hazards such as uprights.

We have been extremely pleased with the new RAMGuards installation whereas now we literally bounce right off the upright with no damage at all to racking.

- James L. Floyd | Warehouse and Operations Manager

Coastal Equipment Cuts RAMGuards in Half!
"RAMGuards are excellent and have already paid for themselves!"

RAMGuards protect columnThis customer had repeated damage to their pallet racking from using reach lifts. Their biggest issue was having a beam level 6" off the floor where all the damage occurred.

We sampled a few different column guards, but most wouldn’t fit. So the customer used their maintenance band saw and sliced the RAMGuards into 2 pieces, and they fit perfectly under the beams. Since we installed them, they have taken a few hits with no damage to the racking. These RAMGuards are excellent and have already paid for themselves!

- Marty Birmingham – Coastal Equipment Corporation, Portland, ME.

Angleshelf of Puerto Rico "... we're now a stocking dealer of RAMGuard"

Angleshelf of Puerto RicoWe saw the value in column protection... RAMGuard was an easy choice. It is easy to install and its protection is superior to what is out there in the market. We felt so strongly about the RAMGuard, we stock this product to make it readily available to our customers.

- Carlos Coto, Angleshelf of Puerto Rico - San Juan, PR


Angleshelf of Puerto Rico

Latina Foods - Cheektowaga, NY ".. excellent protection for our Drive-In rack"

Latina FoodsWe decided to add RAMGuard column guards to help protect our new rack systems.

We re-configured our 90,000 sq. ft. and added drive-in systems throughout. They’re 4 to 6 positions deep and our drivers are constantly moving in and out.
The heavy rubber guard with a steel plate inside makes them much better than the aftermarket plastic guards. You can see our guys have bumped them and they’re ready for more… no need to replace them.

Latina Foods

- Joseph Fliss - Director of Operations
Latina Foods - Cheektowaga, NY